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Clear Water Lake


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Jeff Domm

Artist Biography

From his studio in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia  

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Jeff Domm is an illustrator and author with over 30 published books related to the awareness and protection of our natural world. His most recent work includes the field guides, East Coast Backyard Nature Guide and East Coast Trees and Shrubs. He is presently writing and illustrating a book titled Ontario Trees which will release in Spring 2022. Additional field guides include East Coast Fossils, Nature and Whales and Sharks and Dolphins. Jeff is well known for bird identification guides including Nova Scotia Birds and the Canadian Bestseller, Ontario Birds. His newest children’s picture book, Wild Pond Hockey is a fun story of wolves playing the first game of hockey on a frozen lake in the forest. Additional kids titles include, Little Brother of the North, A Puffin’s Story, The Hatchling’s Journey, Eagle of the Sea and Sharks of the Ocean which was published with Ocearch Research Expeditions, an organization that is dedicated to catching and tagging great white sharks for research along the Atlantic Coast. His very first book was Gray Wolf Pup, illustrated for Smithsonian books/Soundprints.   Jeff teaches illustration, design and drawing at NSCAD University in Halifax. He works with gouache paint and most recently in digital painting to capture the smallest details required for proper identification of species in his newest books. Jeff is member of the Scientific Illustrators Society and Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. He lives and works from his studio along the Atlantic Coast in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia.

Subjects of discussion can include:

• The research process

• Drawing fundamentals

• Stories of wildlife and nature encounters including, wolves, puffins, bears, or a 1200 year old tree.

• Story readings

• illustration process: drawings, colour studies, final art

• Work experiences and portfolio 

Comfortable with all ages

One hour sessions or half-day workshops.

Cost based on facility budget requirements.


Experience includes;

• 25+ years teaching university level students

• Elementary, middle school and secondary

• Library events

• Festival & Museum events

Visit for upcoming library event at Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library

A Walk through the Woods, with illustrator Jeff Domm (East Coast Nature Guide & Guide

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